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Jun 27

Would you cheat the Immigration system???

To be clear – the answer should be “NO”. But obviously plenty of people will, and a story that came out this week was quite disturbing to be honest. Given that the Adult Sibling category has been closed down (meaning that under current rules I would not be able to bring my Brother to NZ), …

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Jan 20

Should New Zealand cover the cost? Part 2

Following on from the last post, the case of the elderly lady in “Immigration Limbo” was published the day after by the NZ Herald – with some extra details: Mrs Moore arrived in New Zealand in September 2000, having sold all her possessions in the UK, and was granted a visitor visa that expired in …

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Jan 15

Should New Zealand cover the cost?

Sometimes, an immigration “problem” is not actually the fault if the Immigration department, but that doesn’t mean the resulting problem isn’t an awful one. An elderly UK woman who has run up a hefty bill at a Taumarunui resthome is facing an uncertain future while caught in immigration limbo. Eighty-seven-year-old Eileen Moore, who is paralysed …

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Oct 01

Another Licenced Immigration Adviser Scams people

  HAKAORO HAKAORO: Lost his Immigration NZ licence after exploiting a family of migrant workers. A former immigration adviser has been caught exploiting a string of vulnerable clients, including offering sex and unpaid work for visas. Seriously – how the hell did someone like this get a License in the first place. We all know …

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Mar 25

Another “Licenced Immigration Adviser” caught scamming migrants?

R Scholes

It seems to be an unfortunate reality that some people will make the most of the fact we have to rebuild a major city. Not to improve the lot of the city and the people in it – but to line their own pockets. When it appears to be a Licensed Immigration Adviser doing so …

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Feb 12

Would you earn $2 an hour to get a visa in New Zealand?

Way too many people are- and are being “exploited” by companies. Though I personally believe that “exploited” is just a fluffy term for enslaved.  The people most likely to be affected are Indians and Asians, working in restaurant or dairies owned by people of the same ethnicity. Its not new, and the Department of Labour …

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Dec 10

10 years. Part 2.

196 First view of South Island from the Interislander

Our First view of the South Island from the ferry. Now we have lived here  for years – I would always fly to South Island if possible – its a bit of a rough trip across the Cook Sraight. But I recommend making the trip by ferry at least once. Its pretty magnificent, and ive …

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Dec 10

10 Years. Part 1

67 Cavalli bay view

I don’t know why so many of us are so aware of all the various anniversaries associated with our emigrations, but we do appear to be a tiny bit obsessed. So, in keeping with tradition – today – it is Ten Years since we first landed in New Zealand on our honeymoon. So, I thought …

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Mar 11

Can you emigrate to New Zealand with a criminal record?



Mar 09

INZ screw up – again – and can’t find who did it.

This article in the Southland Times about an Immigration Stuff up, makes very interesting reading, especially in light of recent moves in INZ to keep staff actions unrecorded and thus untraceable. It seems the Johnson Family tried to apply for a Variation of Travel Conditions for their Daughter’s residence visa, as she wanted to take …

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