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Feb 06

Report time – INZ Permanent & Long Term migration pt1

The Dept of Labour have come out with their annual PLT report covering 2011.  You can find the original report here. The funny thing is that I came across two news articles about this before I read the report . 1. Off to Oz Exodus at 11 year high @ the Herald  2. Aussie Drain …

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Feb 05

IT jobs, as easy as falling off a bike?


There seems to be a general belief that ‘getting a job in IT’ is as easy as falling off a log, or riding a bike – or both – how about falling off of a log while riding a bike? I’ve often thought that IT is the new administration, lots of less than interesting jobs …

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Nov 18

The joy of a $5 bookshop

Along with hideous (for us) quantities of money being spent on stuff in Melbourne, I also spent some time hunting down cheap books. As you’ll be aware, this is one of our pet peeves with NZ – a ‘cheap’ book is only $30 for a normal fiction paperback.  ’only’ $50 for a fiction hardback.  When …

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Nov 10

Shopping trip to Melbourne.


Well, that was fun! We have just got back from 3 days of intensive shopping in the metropolis of Melbourne – a veritable temple of consumerism and overspending compared to Wellington. I highly recommend some hard-core savings plans before attempting a similar jaunt. But – O. M. G. was it amazing fun. After several years …

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Oct 26

Immigration equality

Since April 2011 British immigration rules have tightened up.  Kiwi’s, Aussies and other Commonwealth countries that have previously enjoyed very favourable immigration status in the UK, are being put on a more measured footing.  While as Brits emigrating to NZ or Australia there’s a limit on the number of places, we have to demonstrate our …

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May 28

Where to live in the world?

It’s index time, apparently, with the OECD Better Life Index & Vision of Humanity Global Peace Index coming out with their best places to live in the world annual surveys.   The OECD survey is quite interesting as it allows you to give weight to particular things you care about, be that quality of life, …

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Feb 05

Commonwealth Bank Of Australia lose the plot.

It’s an Aussie bank. but they own ASB, and if you emigrate from the UK and want to bank with ASB, these are the people that you would open the account with in London. So you need to know what the imbeciles have cooked up now as their latest scheme. According to The Australian (thanks …

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Feb 05

Why do so many Kiwis leave for Australia?

The herald ran a piece asking kiwis for thier thoughts on whether they are considering moving to Australia. I thought it was interesting because for a lot of immigrants there’s a bit of a toss up between going to Aus or NZ – things like this give a different perspective on the whole issue.  A …

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Nov 23

Would NZ accept TSA style “security” at airports?

TSA scans

If you take any notice of world news, you will probably be aware that there are issues in the US (where else) regarding the next level of “security” measures being foisted on the travel public. The issue is that the TSA (Transportation  Security Administration – a government agency) has been using high level X-Ray scanners …

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Nov 19

The most stunning jewelery I have ever seen.

love & hatred

Unfortunately, the website is “under construction” so you cannot drool over the keyboard. But I popped up into the city today (in search of Tunes – to help me breathe more easily – I didn’t find any). I came across the strand arcade, which I had previously skipped due to overexertion in other malls. The …

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