Dec 06

Is NZ Marmite going to be back on the shelves soon?

Sanitarium are claiming that their factory is nearly up and running, with a council inspection due on Friday. Now they still aren’t prepared to tell anyone when their ShiteMite will be on the shelves – but they have had a roasting after leading people to believe it would all be sorted by July, and then October and having been proven to be completely wrong about both. Gosh – there’s a shock.

Now the interesting thing is that I was down in Christchurch a few weeks ago, and as my life seem to have been somewhat taken over my the disgusting yeast extract – I ended up talking to a few people about Sanitarium, their tax Dodge, their religious ownership and their hell-bent-on-suing-people attitude to Public Relations. (I hear on the grapevine they have threatened another supplier of UK products) Including a chat with someone working on the site.

Now clearly – this is second hand information, and so I have no proof, but they were telling me the place isn’t anywhere near ready. And that if Sanitarium are telling people it was, they were lying. We were also told that Non -SDA workers were expected to stay away from the SDA workers at lunchtime (because they had meat in their sammies!).

Which matches some other comments littered around the internet about how Sanitarium treat their Non-Religious staff, and what is going on at the build.

From the Free The English Marmite Page:

thought we would share something with you some funny info… a guy building new factory for sanitarium has just told us at least 2 months before its finished…. oh what a damn shame not!!
Now I must confess, I couldn’t care less when the factory is up an running – but the fact is that an awful lot of people DO care. And they don’t deserve to keep being lied to. Ive said it before – i actually think Sanitarium should get some credit for rebuilding in Christchurch – even if the jobs will go to their own church members and not the wider community. But they now have a reputation that is severely tarnished, and an awful lot of people simply don’t believe their attempts at spin anymore. You wont see much of it  on their Facebook page – people who call them out get banned – so it’s a nauseating temple of Sanitarium Worship today. If it wasn’t so serious, and they weren’t so aggressive, it would actually be quite sad.
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  1. Scott

    i saw this on stuff, but was not able to comment, its strange the way they have comments on for some items and off for others, I haven’t seen a logic pattern for which, perhaps this inSanitorium is to touchy a subject for them. I’ve stopped buysin Weetbix, changed to Pams, and no one has noticed in my house.

  2. Avalon

    Yeah – the commnets on Stuff and teh Herald are often turned off, but always seem to be on on the Dom Post. Ive never really got that.

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