Dec 07

Beaten up again over Marmite.

It never ceases to amaze me – for all I’ve written on Immigration, Cost of living, rip off New Zealand and a host of other not-so-nice things about New Zealand, the one thing that has seen the vilest attacks on me personally is Marmite. Something I think is disgusting anyway. You have to see the funny side of it all I guess.

Yesterday I left a comment on the Whale Oil blog – and got called a Silly Bitch (and a Lefty Cow). For saying something about Sanitariums Tax Free Status. Something Mr Whale Oil has railed about in the past himself. In fact – he called out the company as “Bully Boys”. But now – they are the nicest things since sliced bread – and of course they should get Tax Free Status:  they give all this money to Charity! It’s amazing what a company can get away with as long as they play the Charity Card. Of course they don’t actually give that much to Charity – and a large proportion (42.5%)  of what they do give was going outside New Zealand. They only seem to have stopped that since they got called out on it.

by Whaleoil on May 31, 2012

It seems that Sanitarium are up to their old bully boy tricks again. It isn’t like they can deliver Marmite anywhere at the moment, so quite how they can complain about brand destruction is beyond me. They have done a bang up job all by themselves on that front:

This was back when Habitual Fix was being threatened with legal action because they had got hold of some Uk Marmite and were selling it in Sandwiches So how exactly I am a “Silly Bitch” for thinking exactly the same thing is beyond me I must confess. Now the thing is – as much as I happen to like this blog – it is at the end of the day a Non-Stop Whingefest. But of course yesterday I was beaten up by several posters because anything I say can be dismissed as me being a good old Whinging Pom. The irony is lost on them.

Once He had calmed down though – and I had done my best to respond with a reasoned argument (like – was I a silly Bitch when I donated money to his legal fund? Or when he backed me up over the IAA stuff?) he actually laid off the really nasty insults and argued his point. Most of which consisted of telling me I believed things I didn’t, putting words into my mouth- basically just making stuff up, and claiming that I had been lied to by Rob and that there was stuff about him I didn’t know . No proof has been forthcoming about this – the most he would say is that Rob has claimed only to supply one store, and he actually supplies 6. I cant find any evidence that Rob ever said this – and as far as I am aware, rob actually supplies 4 stores with Marmite – but he is an importer and actually supplied many stores with various items.

The rest of it was basically an attack on me, and Brits in general. i think it really is important to understand that for some people here – what you say, or how well you make your reasoned arguments, will never out weigh the fact that you are an immigrant. Brits and Asians particularly get a roasting. But its also worth remembering that most Kiwis can and do see past that. And particularly with Sanitarium – most of the people railing against their behavior: the corporate bullying and tax status are NOT Brits. They are Kiwis who are fed up of the lies (100% Kiwi Owned my arse!) and the fact that the Tax Free status is hidden from them. That Sanitarium are willing to waste money over shipments of UK Foods, when Kiwis get to but their products when they go abroad.

Despite Whale Oil’s name calling and ranting at me – I still think his blog is worth a look. Not least because it shows you a lot about New Zealand you wont read in the press. Most of it is far from pleasant (for the Brits reading think of it as The Daily Mail on Steroids) – but as Ive said before – as much as Kiwis have a go at us for ripping into their lovely country (even when we don’t) – we ain’t got anything of the bile they can come up with about this place.

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  1. Fran

    Surely you are entitled to your own views? Just ignore them!

  2. Avalon

    YOu would think so – but hey – you leave comments on that blog at your peril lol. Its a pretty bile-infested place :D

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