Dec 10

10 Years. Part 1

I don’t know why so many of us are so aware of all the various anniversaries associated with our emigrations, but we do appear to be a tiny bit obsessed.

So, in keeping with tradition – today – it is Ten Years since we first landed in New Zealand on our honeymoon.

So, I thought i would share some of the photos we took on the fateful trip which it turned out would change our lives utterly.


Cavalli Beach House – a stunning place to stay. Way off the beaten track – in fact we were worried we had got lost. Had our first taste of NZs “Unsealed roads” getting to this place. Incidentally - it’s currently up for sale. If you are interested.

The Hole in the Rock in the Bay of Islands. We took the Jet Boat ride rather than the more sedate yacht trips.

The Waka at Waitangi.

Hobbiton. Funny story – when we booked this trip this wasn’t open to the public. But by the time we got to New Zealand, we found out it had actually opened – on the day we got married. We changed out schedule and took a detour. The set had been mostly demolished – so very little remained. Now its up and running again, and has actually been left as it looks in the new Hobbit movie. So we are taking a road trip after Christmas to have another anniversary look,

The embassy Theater. The Two Towers opened the night before – we were in Napier and I was ill with a streaming cold. By the time we hoot Wellington all the fun was over – but we did catch a show here. Kinda had to be done. How could you not go see this movie with a huge Gollum over the cinema? They closed the cinema after this to completely renovate it ready for the Return of the King.

Wellington from Mount Vic Lookout. You would probably be surprised by just how much Wellington has evolved in the last 10 years.

And taking the ferry to South Island.

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