Oct 20

Who is trying to claim that Sanitarium actually make Weetabix in the UK?

Sometimes I confess, I hate being a blogger. You get interested in something and it just won’t let go. You end up spending hours looking stuff up, reading articles, googling. What used to be called going to the library and reading books and papers. Now you get to dive headlong into the murky world of the Internet and Wikipedia.

Where I went in order to get a list of Sanitarium products for people wanting to Boycott them. (Sanitarium makes some obscure things and not always that obvious). Note to self: stop trying to be helpful! The list will be coming next I promise!

Cos here’s what I found:


Breakfast cereals

  • Weet-Bix, and its family of products:
      • Weet-Bix Crunch Honey Bites
      • Weet-Bix Crunch Cocoa Bites
      • Weet-Bix Multi-Grain (formerly Good Start)
      • Weet Bix With Hi-Bran
      • Weet Bix with Oat Bran & Honey toasted Oats
      • Weet-Bix Fruity Bites Apricot, Wildberry (formerly Fruity-Bix)
      • Weetabix (UK & North America)
      • MultiGrain Bites
      • Oat & Barley Bites


Now wait just a goddamn minute I thought! Its bad enough that they are whining about this stuff being imported – but to claim it as their own!

The bloody cheek of it!.
To be clear and fair- this might not be Sanitarium’s fault. Weetabix was not on the original article list -and anyone can write on the Wikipedia article. Some digging shows that it was added on the 15th July 2011.


Now the editor is anonymous, but looking at the Wiki history for the IP address, shows that 4 times his edits have been automatically undone for being nonconstructive. That IP address is registered in Perth, so – shock-Horror – an Aussie or Kiwi is trying to claim that Sanitarium make Weetabix.

To you I say:

Hands off our Weetabix you git!

On a more mature and thoughtful note, while I have not edited the offending outrageous lie – being somewhat new to the concept of editing Wikipedia, I have made a note on the Talk page for the Sanitarium page, to see what the more experienced editors have to say. I think given the current willingness of some people to believe that Sanitarium invented and own all these products, it is important to get this right, and correct a source of information that many of us go to.

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  1. Sophie

    Pssst! I vaguely remembered those from a primary school project: wheat biscuits invented in Australia!! Usual disclaimers about Wikipedia apply though.


  2. Avalon

    Tis very true. I know way more about Weet-Bix/Weetabix than I ever wanted to as well now :D

    Which is what Mr Carrick Graham should do since he has now decided to start Trolling on my FB Page with still no bloody idea what he’s talking about lol.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how things change under Chinese ownership – it it will change at all.


  3. Marcus

    I was in our local Pak n Save yesterday.

    They have an English Corner and sell amongst other things, Ready Brek. I love RB.

    It is made in the UK by Weetabix. It has Weetabix on the box. Or it did. P&S have had to scrub out Weetabix with a pen because they have been told by Sanitarium that it infringes their Weetbix trademark.

    They have done the same with UK branded Marmite and it is now illegal to import it!!

  4. Avalon

    Yep – if you have a quick look around teh blog – you will see pretty extensive coverage of both issues. But we are Fighting! The Courts will decide if Sanitraium are taking the piss, but public opinion already seems to have done that to be honest.

    Maybe in the not-to-distant future – we can have our Brands Back :)

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