Oct 20

Is Ma’amite “mocking” a beloved “Kiwi Icon” (Updated)

This is a silly and increasingly petulant claim being made by a few people, and it is so silly, that the people making it should themselves be mocked.

Now Sanitarium aren’t actually claiming this. The claim was made by one Carrick Graham on the NZ Marmite Facebook page – from which it appears many negative comments are being removed, and some people seemed to have been banned from posting. I have screenshoots – which I will be uploading as soon as I have anonymised them and had several more gallons of coffee.

Carrick Graham I doubt the English can ever be gagged. That aside this is a relatively simple issue. Rob Savage in Christchurch is milking this for all it’s worth trying to make out that Sanitarium is “bullying him”. What rot. He’s trying to blatantly rip off the iconic Kiwi brand Marmite with his “ma’amite” brand. If the English want British Marmite, then they can go and buy Our Mate – produced by Unilever and is widely available.

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Carrick Graham Jeremy, i don’t work for Sanitarium nor have any association with them. This is a simple case of Rob Savage trying to blatantly generate publicity for his little store that caters to ex-pat Poms – and he’s been quite successful at spinning the story to his advantage. However, the fact is that he is attempting to financially benefit from exploiting/ copying an iconic Kiwi brand loved by millions of Kiwis called Marmite with his mocking “ma’amite” label.

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Now, I am really not sure about this Graham fellow. At first pass, he seemed to be working for Sanitarium – because I’m not sure anyone else would  have taken the time to post responses to every anti-sanitarium post. There were a whole lot of them. And he seemed particularly  ill informed about Marmite. And Carrick Graham IS actually a PR guy, and – you really will not believe this if you saw his verbal diarrhea on the Facebook Page) specializes in “Reputation and Issues Management”.


Carrick Graham provides strategic communications advice to a broad range of clients and has extensive experience in government relations and reputation and issues management.

He has developed and managed public affairs strategies (including government relations, media and stakeholder engagement) for clients that includes messages development, mobilising stakeholders and constituents to help deliver the message to ensure the desired policy makers hear them.

He is recognised as an industry leader utilising a mixture of communications and public affairs strategies resulting in significant commercial advantages for the companies and organisations he works with.

Carrick founded Facilitate Communications Ltd which focuses on providing strategic public affairs strategies that enhance both reputation and competitive positioning.

Reputation Management
Regulation and Government Relations
Issues & Crisis Communications
Stakeholder Engagement
Strategic Public Affairs Management


You couldn’t make this up!

So, for Mr Graham, and anyone else who thinks that some Ex-Pat Brits took the time to come up with a completely new label for British Marmite because we are trying to get round Sanitariums poxy legal “rights” or trying to Mock a “Kiwi Icon” made by an Aussie Religious Tax Dodging Corporation – please watch the advert made by Unilever. And for the people like Mr Graham – they are the people who own the original Trademark, which Sanitarium pay for a license to use.



Mr Graham took offense, and starting trolling the Avalon’s Guide FB page as well. Then complained that I was being abusive – when I was actually mocking him, and complained about the usual “Whinging Poms”. Now I gave as good as got, because I really feel if you have to resort to cheap racial stereotypes you deserve a spanking. But on thinking about it I actually became genuinely concerned. Trolling like this is usually a sign that things are not all-right. So trying to help calm the situation, I posted the following:

Avalon’s Guide Dear Mr Graham,
This is my last communication on this subject, as I have other research to concentrate on. I really hope you take a deep breath and listen.

All mocking and racial stereotypes aside, there is an issue I am really concerned by. MarmiteNZ’s Facebook page has been removing your posts as well. Given that you are on “their side” and wholeheartedly support their stance, you need to take a good look at why. If the people you are supporting are embarrassed and concerned about the tone, content and trolling nature of your posts, then you need to take notice of that, and take a deep breath, a step back and think about the reputation you are making for yourself on a public forum.

You own a business, and as such you really need to be a bit more careful about posts you make on social media. Even if some of the worst of your posts have been removed, they are cached, and potential customers can search and read them, and they do not portray you as a particularly professional PR expert.

We all have to decide when using Social Media whether we are posting as individuals or business, and should take note of how those two personas cross over. I do not have a profession – so have more leeway to speak my mind in whatever tone I choose. If I was still working in a profession – I would use very different language, and would not post half the stuff I do, and my blog would be very different. Even so, because my husband does have a profession – there are many things we do not post about, on the blog or Facebook, and his posts always keep in mind that he has a reputation to maintain.

I hope you will take this message in the spirit in which it is offered. Whatever you feel about us, the Brits, Piccadilly Circus or Marmite, I would hate to see you sully your reputation by continuing to post the way you have been.

It did not calm things down, and he did not take it in the spirit in which was offered and responded:
Helen, (Avalon), I’m glad you feel inclined to lecture me on the use of social media platforms. Once you come down from the giddy heights from which you clearly float in, maybe then you will realise that the comments I made have focused on the issue of a breach of intellectual property and trademark infringement. You have utilised your blog to post comments about me, which makes a mockery of any suggestion you care about others’ reputations. The Sanitarium/Piccadilly Circus issue has given you fodder for your blog which you seem to delight in, but madam your patronising attitude is testament to a antiquated and colonial view of those wishing that the class system should apply here in NZ.
So there you go – basically he is a racist twat who has a chip on his shoulder about the British. Clearly he does not believe that his abusive and trolling posts will in any way damage his reputation- but it is perhaps a good sign that Sanitarium think as little of his behavior as we all do and have distanced themselves from his rantings.  I am not the only one who has blogged about such behavior from him, so he seems to make a habit of this. I can feel nothing but contempt and pity for people who feel the need to stoop so low, and are unable to make a case for their point of view without denigrating the other people’s heritage and culture.
I will not respond further to his abuse – as once you realise that someone is a Troll – the only thing you can do is ignore them.
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