Nov 26

Silver Fern Visa – don’t hold your breath.

So the New Zealand government is bringing out a Silver Fern Visa.

Its actually not that exciting really – especially if you have been dealing with Emigrating to New Zealand as long as we have. (I’ve aged decades – but its only actually been seven years  - and counting).

So whats the deal (“facts” copied from Stuff.co.nz so as to stay within the silly New Zealand law).

Basically – this is what was termed in old money (before the system was changed from the General Skills list to the Skilled Migrant Category) – A Job Search Visa. Under that system – if you were within 5 points of being able to apply for a residency visa – you could be offered a Job Search Visa, which allowed you to legally come to NZ for six months and look for work. (It should perhaps be remembered that it is technically illegal to search for work while on a visitor’s visa – not that Agents or NZIS or anyone will tell you that – because no one cares anymore).

The Silver fern visa:

…will be implemented next April, giving people the opportunity to look for long-term work for up to nine months.

Once they have a job, people could apply for a two-year working visa, which could possibly lead to residency under the Skilled Migrant Category.

So basically it’s a 9-month version of the old Job search visa – allowing you to find a job legally – which most people do anyway on a visitors visa. Having the Silver Fern Visa is not likely to make employers look at you any more favourably – but hey – you can try explaining it to them and see if they get it. They won’t.

And also – you aren’t apparently going to get Residency straight off – but a work to residency visa, –which as I’ve said before – is a bloody dangerous move right now. There are 300 places available and you need to be between 20 and 35 years old to qualify.

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  1. Hubby

    Pay a fee for a temporary job search visa;
    To be followed by another fee for the temporary work visa for two years;
    At which point you get to pay another fee to submit your Expression of Interest;
    To wait until your EOI is selected from the pool, so you get to pay another fee in response to the Invitation to Apply.

    Not that this is about taxation, job creation for civil servants or anything like that.

  2. Jagdeep Sehgal

    Dear Sir/Ma’m,
    I have applied for Silver Fern Visa in April 2011 period.
    Please guide me how much is the processing time for this visa and at which website i can check the status of my application.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jagdeep Sehgal

  3. Ajay Kalyankar

    I have got the quota for New Zealand Silver fern Visa and want to know, what are the documents require to process the application, also can you confirm the time period for visa application once it’s submitted.

  4. Avalon

    Hi Jandeep and Ajay,

    Im afraid this is a personal blog and in no way associated with Immigration New Zealand, so I have no idea what thier processing times are.

    I am also not allowed to answer any questions you have on immigration. It is illegal in new zealand to do so without a licence, and answering any questions can get me fined up to $100,000 and seven years in jail.

    All you can do is contact INZ direct and ask them.



  5. Guneet

    I am writing Just to share my experience as Silver fern job search visa holder.

    I arrived in new zealand seven months back. Since then I have been constantly trying to find a job relevant to my profession even after getting my qualifications and competencies assessed by professional organization which on paper reported as equivalent to NZ Standards i get similar responce .
    After applying for almost any related vaccancy or meeting job agencies / consultants in my finding a job as a civil engineer I could see that there may be heaps of jobs in construction sector but practically the employers are not very keen to offer a job and are very hesitant to employ some one who does not have a ” NewZealand Experience “. This is where job search visa contradicts its cause,
    As theoretically it may look easy to find relevant job even if you have been assessed as proffessionaly similar to NZ Job Market but practically it is not.

    I may suggest If NZ government really wants to fulfill some part of its skills shortage through silver fern policy, little modification like
    One on One Intervew of applicants with the companies who are short of skilled people as per desired skill set before granting applicants with silver fern work visa may prove fruitfull for both job market and applicants.

    I some time feel that i have lost it both ways financially and professionally as left my home country job for one that is not there.

    Anyways my job search will continue till last date .


  6. Jim

    Dear Sir/Ma´am:

    The silver fern visa is allowing me to have much more opportunities than you are mentioning. First of all, most of visitors are not even consider for skilled jobs because of their condition (only some needed sectors like IT will give you a lift).

    The Silver Fern is very close to residency. And for that you can get mentoring and more worshops (Omega organization for example).

    The 2nd stage doesnt cost much: 200 nzd. And you dont have to present much documentation, since most of what they need, you already submitted at the 1st stage.

    The ability to work more than 3 o 6 months with whoever hired you, with the quick possibility to get the 2nd stage as soon as you are hired (with no pool to be choose from), overpasses the work and holiday visa.

    The silver fern visa its a great idea and its helping me a lot (I got it on 2011).

  7. Avalon

    Ma’am? Im not that old!

    Im glad you have a positive experience with this, but I need to correct you on a few things so that people don’t get confused

    1/ Omega only caters for Greater Auckland, so is not much help outside of that. They require you to be “eligible to work in New Zealand”, so it’s nice to know that on Silver Fern you are considered eligible. However it’s worth knowing that even outside of that, people with or without a Silver Fern Visa should be networking – its the best way to get a job.

    2/ It’s really not that simple to say that IT will give you a “lift”. Whether someone can get a job or not, with or without a Silver Fern Visa is just not that easy to pin down. It wasn’t that easy with a Job Search Visa, and from reports, its no easier with a Silver Fern Visa. Many people have lost everything via this route.

    3/ The Silver Fern Practical Experience Visa you get once you get a job offer is in no way “very close to residency”, any more than a Work To Residence visa. A residence visa is Cast Iron. Anything other than that is not, and you can be sent packing at the end of your time with absolutely no come-back.

    I hope you continue to have a great experience and wish you all the best. Unfortunatly many who went down this route have not been so fortunate.

    Avalon :)

  8. Bianca

    Hi! You mean it is a bad move to get a Silver Fern Visa if I am just going to get a Silver Fern Practical Experience Visa? Could I not apply for an EOI if I found a job through the Silver Fern Visa?

  9. Razvan

    Buna Bianca! Ma bucur sa aud ca nu sunt singurul raman care se gandeste la SVF. Ce ai facut? Ai reusit? Te rog scrie-mi la razvan.m.iordache@gmail.com sa vb mai pe larg. Ms, sper sa citesti randurile astea.

    Hi Bianca! I’m happy to find out that I’m not the only romanian with a SFV desire in mind. How are things going for you? Did you secure a visa in this year’s quota? Please write me back at razvan.m.iordache@gmail.com. Thx. Hope you read this.

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