Nov 11

Racism in New Zealand.

[Takes a deep breath]

This is one of those topics that is really hard to write about – because so many migrants wanting to come here just do not want to believe that a place full of such warm and friendly people can also play host to some of the most awful racism you are likely to see. We were told by a friend back in the UK, and like most people – chose to think they were overreacting.

I decided in the end to write this post because racism is in the news this week after some highly unpleasant comments were made in an email by a sitting MP – Hone Harawira – of the Maori party. A (kiwi) friend made a comment to the effect that this was funny. Now it has to be said that reading comments on news sites suggests that most people in New Zealand are appalled at these comments – and this included many, many Maori who are ashamed that someone this ignorant claims to speak for them. But it also shows that there are plenty of people in New Zealand who think racism is acceptable. One comment I saw says, “Racism is in the eye of the beholder”.

OK then. Nice to know. I’m assuming that this also applies to the injustices Hone believes were done to his people? Possibly they are supposed to just get over it and stop stealing land back? I don’t think so. You see this is often a comment I have heard and seen by otherwise sensible people. They don’t think their comments are racist – so they aren’t. If you are offended – then there’s something wrong with you and you need to get a life.

The daftest thing about these particular comments from Hone Harawira – is that you cannot tell someone if Maori (or not) by the colour of their skin. There is no longer any such things as a “pure” Maori, so this racial hatred really is quite pathetic. What are people supposed to do – chop their arms off if it’s the “white bit”???

And its not just some low-life MP who feels whites are scum. Asian, Mexican, Black friends – get just as much hatred poured on them by white and Maori New Zealanders alike. From “F Off you Asian bastards” to appalling abuse from healthcare “professionals” given to a Mexican friend (who lets face it must have married her Kiwi Husband just to get out of the third world nightmare that was Mexico to come and fleece off the wonderful first world NZ healthcare system where she has been treated worse than a dog.) To Black teachers from the UK who have been hounded out of their jobs because they are not the “nice white brits” that the school expected. (You can’t see someone’s skin colour when you hire from abroad – apparently it came as a shock to the school that people from Birmingham are not all white.)

You may end up hearing racist comments the way people talk about the weather. So many times when we have talked about our Immigration Problems we get comments about why are pacific islanders are let in? – they are all lazy, fat and stupid. Or comments about how Maori all fleece the benefits system, so why is such a fuss being made about letting in the “good” people? (That would be us).

Seriously – sometimes I can’t help but wonder why people in New Zealand hate so many other people based on prejudice, skin colour and ignorance. Generally speaking if you are white – you are actually immune from most of it. You will probably at some point face the stupid phrase “Your lot did (insert historical injustice of choice that had bugger all to do with “your lot” but hey – why let the truth get in the way of a good grudge). Except that you have to watch seeming sensible people spout crap about non-whites. But occasionally the shoe is on the other foot – and we get to see quite clearly what our friends of other colours have to go through almost all the time in this “friendly”country.

The comments made by Hone Harawira can be seen here.

Hone Harawira’s apology can be seen here.

I think it’s worth noting that he did not use taxpayers money to fund his trip to paris (well know bastion of white culture), what he did wrong was to bunk off work and take a sightseeing trip while he was supposed to be representing “his people” in brussels.

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  1. Jo Coelho

    I am not caucasion and I think I was colour blind because I come from a Bi-Cultural Family from Malaysia and I did not find racist attittudes then–

    However for the past 5 years in New Zealand I did realise being WHITE had its advantages.

    Racism EXIST EVERYWHERE-However we must choose not to be rude /insulting (Hone’s statements were very very very insulting and rude)about it?(What do we gain by choosing ‘the mean/insulting’ way to go about things).

    We do not live in a IDEAL world but we must Choose to be fair and show goodwill inspite of all the garbage we carry?Chose the ‘high’road?Control your tongue and speak up at right moments-not react ‘stupidly’

    Right Attitudes and values is what is missing in some of us?

    Hone has a right to be angry about…………..BUT he had /has no right to be insulting to anyone and to speak out of context ?

    I like transparent people but not ‘rude and ‘immature ” people who react ‘questionably’ when the going gets tough?

  2. Sophie

    Yes, yes and double yes. When living in Australia a few years ago, my housemate’s dad stayed for a week or so and made two mind-bogglingly racist and conflicting statements.

    One was when watching a documentary about the decimation of indigenous wildlife in Tasmania: “you f***ing Poms have a lot to answer for.” (uh, last I checked it was _your_ ancestors who came to Australia, not mine, who are mostly French anyway).

    The other, only a few hours later: “f***ing Abos leeching off the system” (yadda yadda) I didn’t bother responding to that one. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

    I’ll be interested to find out how “bi-culturalism” works in NZ, being the European wife of a visibly white Kiwi, several of whose first cousins are so visibly and vociferously Maori that they work for Kai Tahu…

  3. tex the texan

    well, as ugly as it may seem, it does have its place. lets face it, without solidarity they will lose their paradise. too many already salvating over it now. at least one place on earth will not let wht happen to their home what mexicans have done t o the USA …

    actually as long as they dont let mexicans in they will be fine … trust me they dont want what happened here to happen there.

  4. admin

    You know what a “Native american” is right? You know that “Americans” took thier land and forced them to live in reservations? You know that those pesky Mexicans are doing the jobs that Americans can’t be arsed to do? You understand that it is “americans” who are the largest polluters in the world and the worst offenders at destroying any “paradise” anywhere in the world? You know that California used to be in Mexico till you nicked it off them?

    Please – don’t leave Texas ;)

    And on behalf of my Mexican friends living here in NZ – you are an arse!

  5. admin

    Further responces from this person are being deleted – cos some people should just not be allowed near a computer, let alone the internet :)

  6. Nigel

    Being a Kiwi, a Chinese-Malaysian-Kiwi at that, I do admit that I sometimes find New Zealand a very intimidating place. This despite the fact that I’ve lived half my life here; arriving on it’s beautiful shores at the tender age of 11. Even though I easily made friends here and with my best friend being a blond haired blue eyed stereotypical pale skinned individual. I still felt as though I was the odd one out. This was because there were many jokes directed at me which I considered racist, but just laughed it off because I didn’t want to come across as though I had the proverbial up my ass. And it worked too, because by remaining silent the situation was quickly diffused and we were back in the mud or whatever kids do. Heck I even heard a racist remark today while I was at a Foodtown with my mother. As I walked passed two teen-aged girls in uniform I heard them shriek “I am from China” in a tone which paid homage to people from a land whence my ancestors hailed, but on which I have never set a foot.

    Mind you, I also experienced racism back home in Malaysia. With the indigenous Malay’s calling me ‘Cina babi’ or Chinese pig. This is more significant than it seems. Because all Malays, under Malaysian law, are Muslims and therefore cannot consume ‘unclean’ pork. Hence calling the Chinese, who can and do so with gusto, pigs. To add to this, the Malaysian government upholds racist policies against the two largest minorities in Malaysia (Chinese and Indian). Who together make up 50% of the population. They call this policy ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ or the ‘right/authority of the Malay’. The Malay get subsidized housing, 30% of a companies staff has to be ‘bumiputra’ or sons of the soil, and so on. Oh! And Only Malays can be elected to power. Despite this Malaysia, as one reader above has said, is referred to constantly as a multicultural society. It certainly is, I myself having a cousin who is half Malay. But it’s not as idyllic when one scratches deeper beneath the surface. Still at the ‘people on the street level’ Malaysia was a wonderful place to be raised and I have happy memories of there.

    But it just goes to show that New Zealand, although not as extreme, shares the same veneer as Malaysia. Like how New Zealand has a clean green image, but NZers on a per capita basis is still one of the most wasteful people on earth when it comes to energy usage. But just like how I still loved Malaysia even though I confronted many injustices because of my skin colour, I also still love New Zealand and, if need be, would lay down my life defending it.

  7. annie

    well said Nigel… i’m a Chinese-Malaysian and it is not only in Malaysia that i get the same feeling/remark… been scouting for various job overseas had made me believe that in any corner of this earth, some ‘racism’ lives on…

    at the end, it’s all mind over matter

  8. samuel welsh

    Most kiwis are good ,its sad that there are some bad ones though

  9. Rpru

    To the admin, what he was saying about a lot of mexicans, not all, is correct. The cause massive amounts of crime in the U.S. Absolutely mind boggeling. Of course as it goes, not all are like that. But the fact remains. You may censor this as well if you like, as it appears to be your thing.

  10. Avalon

    Rpru – dont be an arse :) Why would I censor you – you are doing quite well making yourself look like an idiot – and you seem quite proud of the fact – I’m happy to let that stand to be honest. I very rarely block anyone from commenting on this blog, in fact Tex the stupid Texan is only the second person. So get a grip before you accuse me of censorship – I just don’t feel I need to give space for that kind of stupid claptrap.

    And while I’m sure many Mexicans are indeed on a crime spree throughout the US – I’m also damn sure that born and bred Americans are too. The minute you try and single out one particular race as the source of a “crime wave” or any other such societal problem, you are skating on thin ice.

    In New Zealand for example, child abuse is rampant amongst Maori families. There are plenty of people here who would like to claim that being Maori means a parent will automatically beat the living daylights of their child, while ignoring that white parents can be just as cruel. Yes there is an Issue, but it never comes down to the race of the person.

    If it did, then all Americans would be condemned for being loud, ignorant, and boorish :)

  11. Jo

    One sentence says it all about NZ.. Nice green country but 80% of the people are racist ! Live here for over 23 years and been there cop it almost every day!!

  12. Avalon

    Jo, I really am sorry to hear that :( I do feel personally lucky that in reality, I am not targeted directly with this stuff. For me its the general “white people did bad stuff” things that we get.

    I often wonder what kind of fortitude it takes to stay somewhere where you have to face this on a daily basis. But then the UK also has its issues.

    I wish there was a good answer I could give – but there just isnt :(

  13. Troy Eckersly

    I think its absurb that hone even apologizes, He should stand by his words.
    And to everybody whos having a panic attack and getting ready to go ADHD on the keyboard three words, Go **** yourself.

    I am considered a pakeha? even though i am of irish decent.
    There is racism everywhere in this country. Alot of whites in this country think there superior due to social conditioning. I’ve seen whites use a vast array of slang against other races in public such as “nigganuts” “dolebludger” “jet lee” “slant eyes” “ching chong” the list goes on. The funny thing i am yet to see a person of ethnic decent say these types of things in a vice versa situation.
    On a personal note i think its bloody sickening whats happened with the maoris and alot of pakehas should be ashamed of themselfs for even acting in this manner, It reminds me of the scots and brits.
    Moving foward i think Hone has every right to stand up and speak his mind for the last few strands of hope for the maori race. You stole resources and land off these natives then you laid down your own laws upon them based on an illegal government, Even worse is that you “Tax” these natives even though this is there country of origin.

  14. Avalon

    Ive edited the foul language out of your comment. If you wish to say anything further – I suggest you learn some simple courtesy, and increase your intelligence considerably. If you have to resort to that kind of writing to make your point – you are sadly lacking in either of those attributes.

    You are not welcome to spout your hatred here. If you wish to do that – start your own damn blog.


  15. Avalon

    By the way – for the hard of understanding- I have never stolen anything – nor have my ancestors.

    Please get this through your thick skulls.

    My ancestors are factory workers, mill workers, teachers, dozens of other things – but not a single one of them emigrated to a far off country and stole anything from some “natives”.

    If your ancestors did that – that is your issue to deal with – don’t you dare try and foist your guilt off onto other people. It is no more “my” fault – than a modern day Maori is responsible for eating people in the past.

    It happened.

    Get over it!

    This does not excuse anyone in this day and age hating someone else for the colour of their skin, their beliefs, their culture – or what some tosspot did to someone else hundreds of years ago.

    What are you? 5?

  16. menace

    Avalon, I think you missed Troy Eckersly’s point(s).

  17. Avalon

    Did I? To be fair it was actually quite hard to follow, as it came across as more of an anti-english rant than a point, but if there was supposed to be another point to it – then you are absolutely right – I completely missed it :(

    I am truly sorry if thats the case :(

  18. David

    This is a rather depressing article. And the comments!
    I’m a white South African, and I’m sure everyone knows what we did…
    The racism among some SA whites is still terrible, and backlash racism among newly empowered blacks (a small minority) is pretty nasty too.
    But by and large, we’re learning to like each other, respect each other, learn more about each other…
    This despite an overtly racist system (apartheid) ending just under 17 years ago.
    That attitudes in NZ and USA are still so hard is sad…
    When will it become apparent to most people that there are good people and bad people, and that the paint job doesn’t tell you what sort someone is?

  19. Avalon


    I think not until we meet aliens to be honest. (Showing my uber-geek-scifi-nut-credentials here). Then we will be moaning about the purity of the Human Race, and avoiding contamination of our ways by alien influences. And at that point I think we will give up caring two hoots about the “race” of other humans.

    But then I’m re-watching Babylon 5 – its a bit depressing in places :(

    I actually saw what you are describing on a TV show a few years ago. It was about a Brit who was leaving SA after many years to go back to Britain. She really did view black South Africans as if they were less than bugs. I had a feeling she was not going to enjoy Britain very much. But the show also did show the backlash you were talking about.

  20. Eru

    I am Maori and one thing that I have noticed in NZ is that racism is rampant here not just against Maori but against coloured people in general. Every work place bar one that i have been in i have heard racist comments about Maori and coloured people. I would talk to my coloured mates about it and they would say the same things but the thing that i noticed was that the people recieving the racist abuse were not giving out any racism. I recently went abroad for 2 years and that is when i realized that NZ had a deep underbelly of racism, from reading the newspapers online which would allow commenting on subjects and every time something mentioned Maori, pro or against us you would see all the racist come out and put there cents in. I know this does not reflect the common opinion of Pakeha but after years of hearing it in the work place to the supermarkets to the net to the media then it starts to paint a picture that is not conducive to creating a society that is happy being bi cultural. With Maori land it may not be your ancestors that unlawfully obtained it, but it has to recconised that it was unlawfull and has to be ratified for this country to move on and the day Maori stop fighting for the land and our beliefs is the day we become non Maori, which will never happen. I hope that one day Pakeha across the country will realise that the Maori people and Australian Aboriginals and Native Americans have been wronged albeit by there ancestors but never the less it happened and needs to be rectified.
    Peace be with you all

  21. Avalon

    Firstly – can I say that I am really impressed with the way you wrote that – this is exactly the sort of thing this issue needs. You have made your point eloquently and calmly – which for a start means that people can actually listen to it and hear what you say.

    In fact my only issue with anything you have said is that I really believe that we need to stop calling Europeans Pakeha. Many people find it offensive – for myself I am only really bothered in that we as Europeans cannot use similar labels or terms for other ethnicities, and I believe a fair and level playing field is needed.

    I can absolutely agree that some things I have read in comments about Maori worry and sicken me. I was chatting to someone via Linked in a while back, and he was telling me how he had people have a go at him for saying Kia Ora – something I really like hearing. It stuns me that anti-maori feeling among some people is so deep seated that even that – a greeting – is considered a reason for abuse.

    I hope it is not to far in the future that we will be able to overcome the past – on both sides.

    Thank you for taking the time comment :)


  22. Eru

    The word Pakeha is a word that has its history in Maori language here is a clear geneology of the word:

    Gods of the ocean who had the forms of fish and man
    Beings with fair skin and hair who gave people the secret of fishing with nets
    Mythical, human like being, with fair skin and hair who possessed canoes made of reeds which changed magically into sailing vessels
    Originally referring to the early European settlers of New Zealand
    These clear linkages give a poetic truth to the term ‘Pakeha’, each version associating ‘Pakeha’ with the ocean, which is how immigrants have arrived in Aotearoa from Cook’s first voyage to present day.

    As it might be offensive to people it was used in a way to differentiate between the colonists and the Tangata Whenua as a whole people. Maori themselves didnt call themselves Maori they would go by there tribal names. Also one of the first names that were given to the visiting people was Manuhiri which means visitor but that wasnt liked by the visitors because they werent here to just visit they were here to have ownership. So I think that the name has been branded around as an insult when infact it was used as a way to differentiate between the two peoples. Maori people would love to move from the past just as much as the white population would but sadly the crown has failed to uphold the Treaty of Waitangi.


  23. Janine RangiMarie Bosma

    You sick WHITE RACISTS need to look at yourselves and your own behavioural patterns of PUBLICLY rubbishing Maori, and you complain about the TRUTH that comes from HONE HARAWIRA!!! My reply to this idiot adult behaviour is…HONE HARAWIRA FOR Prime Minister!!!!
    I reckon thats half the problem with europeans, they only like listening to their own opinions – as soon as the mana of the Maori speaks, you clowns can’t handle it!!!
    I really enjoy using the english language to put the boot into your arrogance!

  24. Avalon

    Well, you sure did the Maori race proud there dear ;)

    Heres an English word you may not know: Irony ;) You may also want to look up hypocrite.

    There sure are white racists – and there are also Maori racists. You are one of them. Have a nice life with your hatred and bitterness.

    Edited to add.
    When people post on here and are abusive, I tend to do some searching. It seems that in 2008, in a similar rant (indeed, there are a few of them and little else), Janine shouted “WINSTON PETERS PRIME MINISTER FOR NZ:” Apparently “Consistency” is another of those words invented by us arrogant English in a language she so mocks which needs a bit of research.

    Theres another rant where she says that “And we’ll return to each Tribal area governed by each individual Tribe again!!” Now fair enough – it’s at least one answer to a problem – just not a very smart one. Because what then? Was life before colonisation so wonderful with tribal wars and killing? Does New Zealand give up all the advances that come from western civilisation? Do you take away all the supermarkets, all the banks, all the benefits? Do you steal back all the land owned by non-maori and give it to Maori instead? How do you determine who that is? Does any country in the world do better for going backwards than finding a way forwards?

    England will never be the home solely of the English again – even if we could determine after having our own lands stolen and colonised so many times who the English actually are any more. Please Janine – get over your hatred of white people and find solutions. You do Maori no favours by not thinking this through and letting your anger speak for them. Your solutions are no better than what has happened in Zimbabwe – land apparently “stolen” from the local population – taken by force and given back to them (over the raped and murdered bodies of the colonists). How well did that turn out?

    Argue your case – but do so intelligently and courteously. Ranting making you looks like a right idiot – and completely invalidates anything you have to say. That’s not my arrogance talking – it’s your stupidity.

  25. Avalon

    I am now blocking comments on this thread as most people seem unable to make intelligent points and instead want to use it as vehicle for their hatred.

    Go somewhere else and spout it!

    My thanks to the people – even if they disagreed with me, who commented with courtesy and decency.

  26. Avalon

    Pasted from another thread :)

    Okay…so please allow this disclaimer: I am technologically challenged. There, I said it and the reason I said it is because I was trying to comment on an old feed and could not find a way to do so. I am considering pulling up roots and moving to NZ but I read through a massive amount of comments regarding racism and it did put me off so I would like to know if it is true that racial slurs being tossed about are truly a part of everyday life there. From the comments, it seems as though they are. I am caucasion and my son is mixed. My profession is listed as being one of the shortages in healthcare for your Country. In our current Country, racism is at times, very tense but if racism is overt, it usually ends in violence. We have what seems to be what is referred to as a “backlash” which we call reverse racism (which sort of seems a bit racist in itself as if caucasions had the market cornered on the term and meaning of racism).
    I feel that I can abide by racism directed at me but when it comes to my child, that is just not something I can tolerate. Please provide a no-holds-barred opinion if you could.
    Thank you

  27. Avalon

    Well, Ill do my best :)

    I am not sure I would say that racist comments are an everyday occurence. However that comes with the rider that I will always be less affected by it because
    a/ Im white and english, so the racist comments I face tend be anti-colonial in nature. While still abusive – it will be less often than anti asian or anti black racism simply because of numbers.
    b/ the people I tend to hang round with are actually not the type of people to throw such comments around.

    You will definately see a huge amount of reverse racism here. Especially in politics – which I find distrbing and revolting in it’s acceptance of racial based policy. While I clearly see that in the past, Maori were not represented in Politics, and changes needed to be made to give them a voice – you do not in my opinion create that by going too far the other way. You do not combat anti-maori racism by indulging in anti-european racism. The divisions in the country should show people that.

    Many “european/english” people here – myself included – for example detest being labled “Pakeha”. The fact that some Maori may not see it as racist doesnt change the fact that it is offensive to many many people- and if caucasians can moderate thier langauge and use of lables for other ethnicities becuase they cause offense – I do not see why it shouldnt be the same when directed at us.

    Will your child be affected? Yes. BUT! I am actually not sure it would be any worse here than it would be elsewhere. I really wish I could say otherwise. The fact is that (regretably) humans are pretty shitty when it comes to treating other people with respect. Kiwis are no different. No matter what heritage your child has – black, asian, caucasion, arabic – even Maori – someone somewhere will call them names and insult them becuase of it. I do really believe though that they will get more of it than a European child – but I do not beleive that such slurs will necessarily be part of everyday life.

    I also believe that many people like some of the commentators above need to understand – many maori and europeans get along just fine – respect and tolterate each other. We recently got to know a maori family – the daughter is in a Maori speaking school and sometimes doesnt undertsand an english word. Both her mother and grandmather speak fluent maori. People like Janine above would have us beleive that there is nothing but hatred between people like “us” and people like “them”. And yet, my parents and myself have sat down with these poeple and just chatted – as you would anyone. We chat and say hello when passing on the street. There is no hatred. There are no recriminations. There is no disrespect for thier culture or for ours. There are just people getting along and talking to each as decent human beings.

    I really hope that helps.

  28. Valquiria Siqueira

    Once walking on walkway of a porch city in NZ long ago somebody yelled to me, from the window of a car passing away along the road “your f….. gorila”. Today for heaven sake his city does not carries that pomp from the past anymore.

  29. Linda Carlson

    A 2010 post by CPalmeri had parental concerns over their mixed race child; I have those same concerns & for the same reasons… your candid response was ;
    “Will your child be affected? Yes. BUT! I am actually not sure it would be any worse here than it would be elsewhere.”.. “The fact is that (regretably) humans are pretty shitty when it comes to treating other people with respect…”

    I respectfully disagree with you…lack of respect on a general basis (daily comments or not) is not the same world wide. It IS worse in some places than another. And it does Not have to be an accepted, general practice…

    In the USA, it is true, But – I lived in Bangalore with my young 1st grade child and while “kids will be kids” – there never was any disrespect and/or concern that my child was coca colored and I, a Scandinavian looking parent. Additionally,

    No one, not children and certainly not by any adults, be they Indian, or one of the numerous immigrants from other parts of the world (Europe, Africa, Asia, and Scandinavia included) – cared one way or another about our background; they cared if we were caring, respectful people.

    I too wanted to move to NZ (and could), but with the knowledge that my child will have to carry a burden for “just being who he is” – tells me that NZ does not want us. I want to raise a happy, open, accepting, and contributing citizen of the world; but it doesn’t sound like NZ will support our family in making that happen.

    Thank you for your candid discussions. Every time I have asked the same question as P. (above) in other blogs, n’ forums, No One would respond….

  30. Dr. James Chung

    I really enjoyed reading your comments on this web-page. As both my wife and I have been recruited by companies in your country to provide our medical expertise, we have been seriously discussing our options to move there.

    You NZ people are gentler and kinder even discussing a difficult subject of racism in your country. I believe that if same subject was discussed here in USA, more harsh words have dominated over reasoning. I do believe that you are at an infant stages of dealing with serious racism in your country. I believe NZ is on a crossroads and which ever road you take as a country will either propel your country to morally higher grounds or just be another Australia or USA. My best wishes and prayers go out to you all… Thank you again for your insights…


    Dr. Chung

  31. Ges

    Doesn’t anyone remember the beheading of a Korean man in a racial motivated attack on the West Coast in 2003?

    How about the couple who first verbally abused then set their dogs to maul an Asian woman in Christchurch in 2011? She was attacked purely because of her race and the fact that she didn’t die in the earthquake.

    Racial abuse is a lot worse than most people realise or are willing to admit.

  32. Avalon

    I have to admit I was not aware of either case :( 2003 was before my time here – so not really surprising that I wouldnt know about that. The shocking amount of racism here is very much hidden from people outside the country. All we were supposed to concentrate on is the “stunning scenery” the “friendly people” and the “cheap cost of living”. The 2011 attack I also don’t know about – which upsets me. I will do my best to find links to stories and write a seperate blog about that.

    Thank you.

  33. Islaion

    I am Brazilian and black, I plan to live in New Zealand. My only fear is racism, both with immigrants and with blacks. Racism also exists here in Brazil, but is smaller because most here is brown and black. From my research here in Brazil, New Zealand is a country with little racism, but now I was a little worried. I seek only a quiet place to live and have a good job, regardless of my nationality and skin color. Apologize me my english, I’m not fluent.

  34. Teruo

    How is racism toward Asians in universities? Is there suspicous high rates of reprovation over certain racial groups in universities?

    I plan to study in NZ, while I’m not from Asia, for all effects I look like a Japanese person.

  35. Lam

    New Zealand does have a problem with racism but what I find frustrating is the majority are unwilling to admit it mostly because they are white and are less likely to be on the receiving end.
    Only when the majority speak up can there be change because when the minorities do something they will only create more resentment.
    Many white people that I have met in NZ believe that I have less of a right to be in NZ because of my colour but the truth is coloured people have been in NZ,Australia and USA much longer than any europeans have.
    I often wonder why if they hate brown people did they choose to come here?Shouldn’t they take their own advice which they like to tell coloured migrants “if you don’t like it go home”.

  36. Avalon

    What I find frustrating is the assumption that white people are not affected by racism, or that we are not told to “go back where we came from”.

    Racism is not just about white people hating coloured people ;)

  37. Brandy

    As a person of Chinese descent living in Scotland, I have to say it is shocking to hear the blatant racism in NZ. It has lowered my opinion of the country. It seems countries like South Africa, US, Australia and NZ who have been colonised by the whites are all now racist against non-whites. Very hypocritical, considering the land was never theirs in the first place. I am glad I am now living in a country that is so much more civilised in regards to multi-cuturalism, There is racism but it comes from your occassional uneducated ned whose views are not important. But in NZ it is government officials, TV presenters , basically big public figures who are openly spouting racist remarks. So these are people running your country?? How very embarressing to say the least. It shows that the country is still very backward and ignorant due to it’s position geographically, cut-off from the rest of the world. Its locals probably don’t travel very much and have no clue about Asian countries or culture. Very sad….I am not angered by these reports just feel a strong sense of pity to these unfortunate individuals who live in such an isolated and un-enlightened country.

  38. Avalon

    Oh the Irony…

  39. steve

    there are several degrees of racism in nz and groups that practice them.
    1. the bro’s = a group of any race,sex,age, who just take the piss out of any group who doesn’t conform to their idea of normal, they can drink,smoke,do drugs,fight, steal, bonk, play sport, help you out, love you to bits, save you from drowning etc. but if you try and make them feel or look inferior to you in any way they will turn on you in the blink of an eye. they truly believe you are no better than them just lucky or up your self. these people will use all the derogatory terms for every group including themselves for they are discovering new ones every day and quite often don’t mean any thing nasty by it .water off a ducks back should be your approach here, unless of course you can make them laugh and thereby win their affection and acceptance.
    2.the white and uptight, need i say more.best to avoid them.
    3.the new kiwi who believes that although someone has/is destroying their original homeland it’s glories will never be matched by this new country and all kiwis are a bit lazy and retarded and if they’d just accept [insert belief system] they would all be a lot happier and nz would be saved, believe it or not i have heard many racist remarks from this very group.
    4.the white supremacist, different from whitey uptighty in its practical application of its beliefs.
    5.the politition, tut tut, they should know better, and so should we because its probably because of this group that we are all here in the first place,ALWAYS LOOK AT their affiliations before you act on their words .
    6. feel free to add more.

  40. steve

    Q. how do you steal your land back?
    also you can use a similar type of word to pakeha it’s ‘Maori’ a word they didn’t have a need for post ‘pakeha’ which if you think about it is an inclusive word. manuhiri says you are a visitor, pakeha says you are different but here and need a word to describe you. an exclusive word would be maybe ‘alien’ or ‘british’ which some people actually use to differentiate themselves from nzrs in an exclusive way. no i’m comfortable with pakeha thanks.

  41. Sandra Donkins

    It is shocking to read all the comments and racism in New Zealand. My husband is British. We worked in London, retired and it was my husbands idea to live in Falmouth. This is the most racist town I have ever lived.
    Not a day passes without verbal racist abuse, such as “get back” black crow go back, invasive, liability, not being served in Supermarkets’ remarks like, ” I care a shit for these people” piercing evil looks, hatred. At times it is made to look subtle. These days I never leave the house, except with my husband. I also use my ear plugs when I really have to shop! Falmouth high street is full of foul mouthed people. I am a Malaysian, it was due to marriage that I am here, not of my own choosing. I am a tax payer. It is so sad that my skin is the reason for my ill- treatment. I was sick for nearly a year, hearing abuse literally everyday on the high streets of falmouth.
    Whatever said and done, at the end of the day, to live in dignity, is to live and die in your own country whatever it may be, otherwise there is no dignity. Verbal abuse is still going on, but, I try to live a normal life with my husband of 30 years. I never go out to the high street alone, only with my husband! Animals are much much better these days!

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