May 07

There are 735 jobs in New Zealand right now paying over $100k.

Well-paid jobs are supposed to be rare as hens teeth here – with many people swearing blind that you cannot get high wages. So I found a bit interesting today when I got a Jobs Newsletter from Trade Me saying that there 700 jobs listed with salaries over $100k.

If you actually look at trade me – there are 735 “six figure salary” jobs – out of 5200 listed. That means that 14% of the jobs listed have salaries of over 100k. Not bad really – and in an “economic crisis”!


Now – you can also easily see that most of the vacancies at this level are in IT roles – not unsurprising. The next best bet is engineering.

And also – out of 208 IT jobs in New Zealand – 84 of them are in Wellington. Which means that even though Auckland has three times the population of Wellington – Wellington has 40% of the high paid IT jobs.

Still wanna go to Auckland???

This is a newspaper cutting of salaries from last year – IT does well as usual but it also shows once again that Wellington pays better than Auckland. And the houses are cheaper (though at the moment you can probabaly get some really good deals on houses in Auckland).


A slight word of caution though – we do know of IT companies offering jobs at considerably less than the advertised rate once they have gone through the whole interview process. The usual excuse is of course the flippin’ recession – and it seems it is not considered false advertising when it is your job we are talking about!

You can set up your trade me account to email you a list of jobs in the categories you are looking at. You can set the email for daily or weekly, just be aware that the email that comes through does not include all the jobs available that week – you will need to go onto the Trade me site and get the full list.

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  1. Jobs

    Interesting article avalon. From what I have heard, Trademe traditionally has a stronger presence in Wellington so that may contribute to this. Keep up thw good work!

  2. Avalon

    Thank you :)

    Jobs is from http://www.cvb.co.nz/ which seems to be worth a look – over 700 IT jobs listed, 300 accounting jobs and nearly 150 admin jobs.


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