Apr 20

Masterton airport

We took a side trip to Masterton airport the other day.  With Avalon’s parents arriving soon, and taking a local flight down from Auckland, we thought it worth checking out where it was, what was there etc.

It was a short trip.

Here is the airport terminal;

Masterton airport terminal

And here is the departure lounge;


The keen eyed amoung you will spot that it’s the same one room building. :)

Now we’ve got all the modern conveniences, like parking for 20 cars,  seating inside for 20-ish people, a toilet, and err, a ‘things to do notice board’.   It’s great!

No coffee bar though, so we may have to drive into town to grab a take away while we’re waiting.  And no Koru lounge :(

There’s also no security scanners, no hassles over parking, no parking charges, no drop off or pick up only points with traffic wardens, no shopping to fritter away money while you’re waiting for the plane and probably no queue’s.

The terminal is open one hour before the inbound flight arrives of a morning, to pick up the Wairarapa folks heading up to Auckland.  And then again for an hour of an evening before the return flight arrives, to then take the Aucklanders who’ve been down here for the day, back home.

By my reckoning it’s smaller than our garage.  But then, I don’t have a runway  capable of taking a Harrier jump jet next to us (yet).  Although as the local road goes nowhere else, and is a  1km straight run I reckon the local council could be bribed, sorry, given a contribution to reserves, to upgrade the road for me.

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